New York International Spring Show
Parfait - 1st Jr. 3-Year-Old
Panini - 1st Aged Cow
Parfait & Poconos - 1st Produce of Dam
Panini, Parfait & Chantilly - 1st Best Three Females

Thank you to our recent buyers!
Mike, Matt & Mark Iager
Madison Iager
Stephanie Bergen
Emily Shaw


Completes three generations of EX-95 Windy Knoll View cows!
Promis 2E-95 GMD-DOM
Res. All-American 5-Yr-Old 2003
Pledge 3E-95 GMD-DOM
All-American 5-Yr-Old 2007
Panini EX-95
HM All-American 4-Yr-Old 2012
Nom. All-American 5-Yr-Old 2013
Next Dam Pala 3E-94 DOM

5 All-American Nominations for Windy Knoll View
Panini – 5 Year Old
Pantene – HM All-American Winter Yearling
HHM Best Three Females – Panini, Parfait and Chantilly
Jr. Best Three – Pantene, Priss and Phazam
HHM Produce of Dam – Pledge dtrs. Panini and Patrice

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  Breaking calves to lead is hard work!
~Reese & Brinkley